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we're the ghosts of the underground, we haunt everyone we meet.
we are everywhere. never quite seen or heard, but our presence is always felt.
we're drifters, dreamers, and dropouts.
we know there's more to life than 9 to 5 bullshit, the latest fashion trend, and that popular sitcom on t.v.
we may not all be revolutionaries, but we are the revolution.
those who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world,
usually are the ones that do.
we live on love and secret plans of escape and naive idealism.
we shout poetry into the night, sleep on greyhound buses, and thrive on the simplicity of freedom.
we have tangled hair, and twisted dreams, and romance running in our veins.

this community is for anyone who realizes that there's more to life than what the major corporations sell us. this community is for poets, artists, and wanderers. this place is for adventurers and activists. this is a place to share ideas and tips and inspiration, a place to post pictures of your bicycle, a recipe for your favorite vegan dessert, a song that reminds you why you're alive, the poetry you wrote on a napkin during a train ride to nowhere, or that drawing you did while sitting in the park grass. this is a place to meet people who share your ideals, a place to meet people who think differently than you do, a place to spread ideas and soak up ideas, a place to meet your new penpal or partner in crime, a place to sell your zine, swap polaroids, find someone to send a postcard to, or find a couch to sleep on while you float around the country. this is a community. this is life. start living.

this community is about inspiring others, making friends, and spreading ideas.
no bullshit/negativity will be tolerated.
if you have constructive criticism/ideas to better this place, send me an email. gathered.ghosts@gmail.com
once things get going, there might be themes/missions/ideas for stuff to do. you knowwww.
so tell yr friends.