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i'm sara. i'm 21. i'm often stuck, or frantic, or wild. i used to run a lot now i just kinda wander at a slow pace. recently, i've discovered a passion for crafting and rediscovered a passion for writing. turns out, i'm a lot more creative than i thought. i'm mildly spiritual, trying to be more so. i love adventuring, exploring, day tripping, blowing bubbles, climbing trees.
i'm a student, i believe in being a child and do my homework in a fort. i like pasting and coloring. going to school right now to major in english and double minor in german and philosophy, but that may change b/c it already has. i think my ultimate goal is to become a librarian.
i take it as a personal responsibility to be mad to live, to enjoy life, to learn, grow, and play. and i truly believe that each one of us is a creative individual that has the power to change the universe.
just thought i'd quickly introduce myself :)

Are any of you crafsters (i particularly like altered booking, art journaling, screenprinting, things w/ wax, cloth, glue, colors, childish behavior, or wood involved :D) I'd love to see your work?

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