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hallo! [25 Jun 2008|01:58am]

[ mood | calm ]

i'm sara. i'm 21. i'm often stuck, or frantic, or wild. i used to run a lot now i just kinda wander at a slow pace. recently, i've discovered a passion for crafting and rediscovered a passion for writing. turns out, i'm a lot more creative than i thought. i'm mildly spiritual, trying to be more so. i love adventuring, exploring, day tripping, blowing bubbles, climbing trees.
i'm a student, i believe in being a child and do my homework in a fort. i like pasting and coloring. going to school right now to major in english and double minor in german and philosophy, but that may change b/c it already has. i think my ultimate goal is to become a librarian.
i take it as a personal responsibility to be mad to live, to enjoy life, to learn, grow, and play. and i truly believe that each one of us is a creative individual that has the power to change the universe.
just thought i'd quickly introduce myself :)

Are any of you crafsters (i particularly like altered booking, art journaling, screenprinting, things w/ wax, cloth, glue, colors, childish behavior, or wood involved :D) I'd love to see your work?



railway runaways [21 Jun 2008|01:28am]


the life of the modern american vagabond

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[20 Jun 2008|10:41am]

it seems like a lot of people here are painters? post some of what you do!
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i'm waiting for my real life to begin. [20 Jun 2008|01:29am]

hello. my name is holly. on july 15th i'm hopping on a greyhound and heading up to washington. the plan is to take off from seattle, heading south. hopefully, if plans don't change before then, my partner on this quest will be none other than your lovely mod, foreignseas. we will backpack/hitchhike down the west coast, to begin with. not really sure where i'll go from there. right now i've only gotten as far as slab city. i'd like to spend about a week there and play at the range. that would be amazing. i'm going without a dime in my pocket, but i am a musician so hopefully that alone will keep me eating everyday.

i'm done with working the same soul sucking 9-5 jobs, being stuck in one place repeating the same meaningless routine day after day after day. you ask me what i'm looking for, well i don't exactly know. truth, i guess. something a little more real. i want to watch a sunset while standing on a mountain. i want to get my hands dirty helping others... building houses, planting trees. i want to have conversations with people from all walks of life, asking all the important questions. sleeping under bridges, camping int he mountains for however long i want, then waking up and deciding it's time to move on. living free and happy.

i don't know if my journey will ever come to an end. i think this will turn into a lifelong pursuit. the pursuit of happiness. of freedom. of life.

[19 Jun 2008|12:54pm]

hi, i'm christina. i'm 22. i've wandered over 50,000 miles in the past year.

i need a partner in crime. (or... several)

it's a long story (but aren't they all) and i wanted to move out of VA and got the place i was working to transfer me, so right now i'm just south of San Francisco. corporate hell silicon valley and i'm miserable.

and all i want to do is quit and pack my stuff into my little car and go take scenic drives around the country for 2 weeks and head to the Crimethinc Convergence, but i need a partner in crime. it's roadtrippin' season.

and i can get funding Evasion style... but i need a partner in crime...

and a hug.
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[18 Jun 2008|02:06am]

the universe has a nice way of taking care of everythingCollapse )
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[16 Jun 2008|01:51am]

hi. welcome to the community. introductions are always great. go ahead + post something nice. tell your friends!

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